When replacing your pool liner, be sure to pay attention to suggested product add-ons when making your purchase. They are often necessary for the function and longevity of your pool liner.



Every time you replace your pool liner, ALL of the gaskets (skimmers, returns, main drains, lights, vacuum ports, etc.) to which your liner seals should be replaced. This is because your gaskets have been compressed for so long that they may not seal correctly when compressed again. Additionally, over a long period of time, gaskets can dry out and not give a tight seal; any tiny gaps will cause your pool to leak. Replacing your gaskets is a small price to pay when considering the consequences of not doing so. Some leaks between the liner and wall of the pool go unnoticed until the pool wall rots out due to a bad seal allowing pool water chemicals through to corrode the wall.


Pool Cove Molding

This is necessary if you have an above ground steel wall pool, and it is worth every penny. Pool cove molding helps to prevent stretching and tearing at the bottom of your pool liner by supporting the seam where the wall and floor of the liner meet. Installing cove molding is easier, faster, and safer than trying to mold sand to fit the shape.



If you have been thinking about adding an in-pool light or replacing the skimmer, it is easiest to do so when replacing your liner, as you won’t have to lower the water level.


This is the first in a series of posts designed to inform you about items you should consider buying when replacing your pool liner. Some are necessary, but we will let you know which ones are just nice to have.

Below is a suggested checklist of items to have or consider when replacing your swimming pool liner:

  • Skimmer Gaskets
  • Return Gaskets
  • Main Drain Gaskets
  • Light Gaskets
  • Pool Cove (above ground steel wall pools only)
  • Wall Foam
  • Pool Pad
  • Spring Chemical Opening Kits
  • Water Test Kits (should be replaced yearly)
  • Maintenance Supplies (Wall Brushes, Skimmer Nets, Vacuums)
  • Ladder Pads
  • Solar Cover (warm up new water more quickly)