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How to Choose a Liner

DIY Pool Liners Plus’s above ground pool liners are made in the USA using 100% virgin 20 gauge material of the highest quality. We make above ground pool liners in a wide assortment of sizes and choices of pattern. Whether your pool uses a beaded receiver or is an overlapped style liner, we have a liner for you that is built to last and made to look great in your pool.

You will now need to know if your pool has a beaded liner or an overlap style liner. If the pool floor has been dug out you will require an expandable overlap liner.

If you require a beaded liner you must know the the wall height and the bead type. Don’t worry, there are just 2 standard wall heights – either 48″ or 52″.
When it comes to your bead type, the selections include Standard (for most pools), Esther Williams©, Wilkes©, Kayak© or J-Hook. There is a very useful help page showing you what the different beads look like, so you can match the bead with your pool (or current old liner).


A clean, uniform look with an easier way to upgrade when needed.


A liner for a deeper center in an above ground pool with extra vinyl material.


A very common and budget-friendly above ground pool liner option.