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winterizing your pool

Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

If you live somewhere that does not drop below freezing (or at least not much), you may not have to completely close your pool for the winter. You also have the option of keeping it open, just not swimming in …
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Diving into Pool Season

For those of you who don’t live in a year-round pool season, it’s almost time to get your pool ready for the season! It’s not too early to start prepping. Turn the the pool equipment on to make sure it’s …
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The Importance of Balanced Pool Chemicals

When owning a pool, keeping your chemicals balanced is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy pool.  Most pool owners incorrectly assume that the only reason for balanced pool chemicals is to keep the water clean …
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replace your swimming pool liner checklist - diy pool liners plus

Do You Need to Replace Your Swimming Pool Liner?

Like tread on a car tire, there are signs to look for when you are considering whether or not to replace your swimming pool liner. Holes in your pool liner are never a sign of anything good. It’s like a small …
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