For those of you who don’t live in a year-round pool season, it’s almost time to get your pool ready for the season! It’s not too early to start prepping.

Turn the the pool equipment on to make sure it’s all in working order, and working safely for pool season. You don’t want to wait too long just in case something needs replaced or repaired.

If there’s anything in your winter cover ( such as water, leaves, etc.) drain it before taking it off of the pool. Before packing it away for the season, clean it so it’s ready to go next winter.

Clean the pool by brushing and vacuuming it. Our online shop offers some maintenance supplies if you’re missing anything, or running low. We offer a Taylor residential water test kit so you can check that the chemistry is ideal.

Fill up the pool with additional water (if needed). If you have a chlorine pool, be sure to shock it. We offer a pool-opening shock kit that treats 20,000 gallons.

Have you finished up the list? Then it sounds like you’re ready to jump into the swimming season!!