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How to Differentiate Between Gauges

Keep in mind that when selecting a pattern, the 30 gauge liner patterns will be more expensive. The thicker gauge will be more resistant to nicks, punctures and abrasions than the 20 gauge patterns. Note that many patterns are available in both 20 and 30 gauge, so your pattern choice doesn’t limit the gauge you need and vice versa. Don’t forget to check out our Elite collection – heavier gauge for just a 20 ml price!

Each of our in-ground pool liner replacements are custom designed and made for your swimming pool based on your pool dimension specifications for the ideal fit. After ordering one of our patterns, send us your dimensions and we will provide a drawing of your pool specification. Once you approve it, we’ll send you an ordering link. and we will build and ship your new vinyl liner within 3 days.


A thicker gauge for just a 20 gauge price!

30 Gauge

More resistant to nicks, punctures and abrasion!

20 Gauge

Our thinnest and least expensive in-ground pool liner!