All swimmers learn at their own pace. It’s very important to be patient as you, or your little one, gets the hang of things. Practice is vital, and there are ways you can keep improving outside of lessons. We understand not everyone has a pool at home, but there are still ways to practice when you’re away from the water! Sharpening skills outside of the water will mean you’re more prepared to implement them at the pool.

Out of Water

Kicking: Lay flat on your stomach, with legs stretched straight behind you. Raise one leg at a time, remembering to keep it straight. Do not bend your knees. Keep your toes pointed. Challenge the kids to see how high they can kick.

Holding your Breath: Start with small amounts of time, building up to longer periods of time. Make it a game, and see who can hold their breath the longest. Add to the challenge by facing each other, and making funny faces. Try to make the other person laugh, while you keep holding your breath!

Blowing Bubbles: Let’s take those breath-holding skills to the next level! You will need a cup full of liquid (it’s fun with milk!), and a straw. Take a nice deep breath, and slowly push the air through the straw, into the liquid. This is a great way to strengthen breathing techniques.

In the Water

Get used to water on your face: In the bathtub, slowly get your child used to having water on their face. Start small, pouring a little onto their head. Move on to dipping an ear in the water.

Floating: If you have access to a pool, face the side of the pool. Hold on to the edge, and let your legs float up towards the surface. When you’re ready, move to a shallow depth, and try floating without holding onto the sides of the pool. Try it on your back. You may find this easier with your arms out to the sides. Relaxing will also help. *If your child is small enough, you can help them practice floating in the bathtub.