Like tread on a car tire, there are signs to look for when you are considering whether or not to replace your swimming pool liner. Holes in your pool liner are never a sign of anything good. It’s like a small hole in a dam; the water pressure will force the hole to become larger, eventually causing it to break open. The force of the water could cause damage to your swimming pool and landscaping. However, by inspecting your liner at the beginning of each swimming season, you can prevent damage keep your pool new and vibrant looking!  

Additionally, if you inspect your pool liner at the beginning of the swimming season when you take your winter cover off, the water level will usually be lower than normal, giving you better access to inspect your pool liner. This is also the best time to replace your liner if, after your inspection, you notice any of the signs on the following checklist that would necessitate a replacement swimming pool liner.


The inspection of your swimming pool liner should be quick and easy. Below is the checklist of what you should look for:

  • Fading of the pool liner to the point where any pattern is worn or fading to white. This is a sign that the protective coating of the liner has worn off and that the actual vinyl is beginning to break down.
  • Dry and brittle feeling at or above the water line. You may also see the vinyl cracking, even if it is not all the way through the liner.
  • Fading of the liner in the water near and around the skimmer and return. There is a higher concentration of chlorine and other chemicals for longer periods of time when you add your chlorine and other chemicals through the skimmer (the liner may also have a dry feeling to it).
  • Beaded liner starting to pull out of the bead receiver or J-Hook. When the liner starts to break down, the vinyl can shrink and cause stress to the seam area of the liner.  A tear will begin to form at the edge of the seam and many times not tear the actual seam.
  • ANY type/size of hole, tear, or cracking, and you will want to replace your liner right away.


Now that your swimming pool liner inspection is done, you can begin your normal pool opening process or order a new swimming pool liner and have it in just a few days!