If you live somewhere that does not drop below freezing (or at least not much), you may not have to completely close your pool for the winter. You also have the option of keeping it open, just not swimming in it as temperatures cool. There are some important factors to keep in mind with both options.

Keeping the Pool Open

Only keep the pool open if you will be around to maintain it through the winter. While you will not necessarily be swimming in it, it will require attention.  as water circulation and cleanliness are vital. If temperatures drop below freezing, the pump needs to be running constantly. Weather apps on your phone can be set to send notifications if you want to be 100% on top of things. Even if it is above freezing, keep in mind that the more the pump runs, the less opportunity there is for buildup of debris in the pool.

Additionally, chemicals must be monitored to ensure the health of the water. pH levels should be between 7.4-7.6. You can find test strips and chemicals on our website.

Closing the Pool

The level of winterization depends on the climate. A winter cover is, however, a great investment no matter where you are. The cover helps eliminate the risk of algae, and keeps animals out. Winter covers are available for Above Ground and Inground pools in our online shop.

Lower the water level to below the skimmers. Balance the water, clean the pool, and add a winter chemical kit to the pool. Drain the pipes using a wet/dry vacuum or add antifreeze, then add winter plugs. Add your winter cover.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions! We are happy to help you learn more about pool ownership in general, not just installing liners! You can also find us on Facebook.